Conference: Strategy Sessions

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These are proven strategies that have been implemented in our own classrooms as well as in hundreds of classrooms around the country. They were intentionally chosen based on their ease of use and the impact they have had on student engagement and achievement. 

Problem Solving

Practical ideas for engaging students in developing problem-solving skills and promoting higher-order thinking will be shared. Participants will engage in nonthreatening experiences to understand how students can approach and engage in problem solving while working cooperatively. A graphic organizer and the related process for making contextual problem solving accessible to diverse students will be modeled.

Vocabulary Development

These strategies address ways for students to go beyond rote memorization of words to developing true understanding of terms, symbols, and notations. It employs forming concepts, comparing and contrasting concepts, and using a graphic organizer.

Building Fluency

These activities utilize games as a strategy for helping students gain content knowledge and understanding in a nonthreatening atmosphere. Students learn to work in cooperative group situations while practicing and strengthening their skills.

Effective Questioning as a Vehicle to Deeper Understandings

Simulations and role-playing strategies will be shared through a series of kinesthetic activities. Reflective discussions and probing questioning will be modeled as a way of helping students develop a deeper understanding of the content.




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