Conference: Overarching Themes

Critical Communications

Communication and expressing reasoning are the two most rigorous assessment pieces that will be required by the next generation of assessments. These provide challenges for both teachers and students. The connections between the Mathematical Practices, Student Portraits, and the Science & Engineering Practices will be demonstrated using various resources including the Mathematician’s/Scientist/Historian Notebook, journaling, creating models, incorporating trade books, and writing original contextual situations.

Look Fors

Standards provide the context, whereas practices assist students in developing proficiency. Expertise is generated in practice but implemented through process.” (Texas & Jones 2013) This session will provide participants an in-depth look at how to build practices in any classroom and the opportunities for shared practices across the curriculum. Questions to guide teachers in engaging students in the practices as well as “look fors” will be shared.

Next Generation of Assessments

PARCC is one of the next generations of assessments and has a set of documents that are designed to help educators understand the assessments more fully. Teachers can be overwhelmed at the amount of information needing to be assimilated before the CCSS can be successfully implemented. This collection of documents lays a foundation for teachers to employ leveled learning and leveled assessment. Breaking things down allows a teacher to identify the specific point at which a student may need help. These documents, taken in totality, can serve as a guide for teachers to meet the needs of all students and make learning accessible to all students and on any next generation of assessment.


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